Toxic Scene Warfare

by Rat Faced Bastard

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released May 25, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave "The Mixing Desk Slave" Curle at First Avenue Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, on 23rd May 2015.

RFB are:

Jamie - Vocals
Angus - Bass/Backing Vocals
Rob - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Matthew - Drums/Backing Vocals

Artwork by Dan Hughes
Logo by Holly Magdalene Scott



all rights reserved


Rat Faced Bastard Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

fast (UK)

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Track Name: Athletic Grind
Pump the fists
Swing the hips
Blast the beats

Athletic Grind!
Track Name: No Tears, Only Fast
Introduce a profit motive and see it all turn to shit
Your dreams may have fell apart but they were doomed right from the start

There are no tears - only fast!

Drag our name through the mud in the hopes of making a buck
Lose all dignity to become a commodity

We only want to play fast - there are no more tears
We'll now have a blast - there are no more tears
Wise up to the facts - there are no more tears, there is only fast
Track Name: Bucky Under the Bridge
A glass of piss at £3.80 a pint
What you on? You having a laugh?
The bloke next me is a racist cunt
This is not fun. I want to get fucked

All I want is Bucky under the bridge
The smell, the taste, the privilege

Cast aside the faux-class and pretense
Away from all the macho dickheads
A bottle of the brown stuff is all I want
Swig the bottle and feel tip top!

Brown nectar oh so divine
All hail the tonic wine
All I want is Bucky under the bridge
So stop hogging the bottle you fucking prick!

So join if you're sound
And pass the bottle round
Have a blast
Get fucked fast
Track Name: Crushing the Weak
From the realm of chaos they march for victory
Those once loyal will return to kill once more
Prepare for defeat at the hands of thy enemy
Learn the lesson that in battle there is no law

Forced enslavement
Misery we seek
Pray for extinction
Crushing the Weak

Mercenaries of death
March under the fourth crusade
They fight for
Honour, valour pride
There's no stopping their riffing bombardment
Time to submit to the masters of war

The masters of war!
Track Name: Kersal Massive
Got on the bus with me day saver
Smoke the reefer in the corner
Lay low, did a grand theft auto
In my 05-V6 Clio twin turbo

We know how to roll
With them back seat hoes
HSBC on we go
Tell them how it is Joe!

"Yeah man"

We don't fuck about
We've got the money because we know how to rap!
Track Name: Blind Devotion
How can you follow without any judgement?
To view what you believe to be completely infallible?
To say any negative word is outright heresy
Criticism unacceptable; never to give a second thought!

Go on with your life, do as you're told
Never deviating from your norms

Blind devotion to the core
Crusader for a worthless cause
Never question what they do
Forever sentenced to be abused
Track Name: Misogynist Cunt
The female form is merely a tool
To satisfy the needs of a fool
Accept my love or face my scorn
You'll wish that you were never born

I hate women
So why do women hate me?

You may think that I'm pathetic
But I just want you to play with my dick

I hate women
So why do women hate me?

Please love me
Why hate me?
Track Name: Disgrace to the Scene
Toxic scene warfare
Old guard out in force
An untenable position
Presented as gospel

The pro venues are all lined up
To give you what you want?

You are a disgrace to the scene
You are obscene
Do you see what I mean?
Do you see?

So struggle on in your squalor
Because your gigs are worthless
No recognition for your strife
Your endeavours are not worth the time
Track Name: No Hope
There's no hope
For your bullshit position
Head stuck up your arse
Smothered in your own filth

You may think your own waste smells so sweet
But you're slowly drowning in shit
Try to climb to the top of the pile
When you're actually racing to the bottom

There is no hope
You despicable cunt
There's no hope
No fucking hope...